I can help you make some great decisions on downsizing, and set you up with a working plan that will eliminate a great deal of stress for you.

As we progress through life, moving creates  new relationships, opportunites to look forward to in our life. For an older person this may feel like a mixed blessing. However, on the positive side, a move may offer a sense of " lightening" to reduce the messy clutter of family history, fewer home and yard chores can help reduce the feelings of isolution and living alone. 

Moving is a high - stress life event so experts  tell us.  Whether your moving cross-town or cross-country, or from a small apartment, or a large family home.Whether your an empty-nester moving from a house into a condo, or a renter trading in a two - bedroom for a small studio.  The move undoubtedly forces us to make important decisions on our personal belongings.

The organizing of packing, discarding, de - cluttering, cleaning, paperwork and all the other tasks is a major life challenge, that requires a great deal to focus, organization, to make the downsizing happen.


1. Prepare a list  of all the items you love,  cherish and cannot live without.  Meet with the family, discuss the items, by keeping what is on your wish - list, you won't be upset about the things you cannot keep. 

2. Prepare to go through your belongings about 3 months before the move. Do a little bit each day, or a few days a week, and tackle the necessary job of getting rid of unwanted and not needed items.

3. Get measurements and sizes of the new rooms, then compare them to the rooms sizes of the original house, pre - arrange a furniture plan for the rooms, to prepare what furniture stays with you,  and  what has to go.

4. Make a serious effort to focus on downsizing kitchen items, clothing, books, paper goods, lawn and yard items, maintenance tools.  Items that do not bring you sentimental value, are items you need to seriously look at downsizing and say good - bye to.

5. Items you have decided to part with, seriously consider recycling, reuse, sell or  donate to thrift  - donation centres. Do not throw reusable items into the garbage. Many donation centres put second - hand items to good use.

6. Sort your items, select BINS  or rooms to sort the items into.  KEEP, SELL,  CHARITY.  Organize your items into three categories, and keep the items, and sort into rooms.  Have  charities, and donation centre come pick up the items.  Items you plan to keep , pack them into boxes.  Items you plan to sell,  organize a Garage Sale.

7. Get the family involved, to help make some objective opinions, on what stays, what goes,  who gets your cherised items.

8. If you decide to sell your items, use the options available on the Internet, Bull, Sell, Trade,  or Used Cowichan,  or Chemainus Auction, Second Hand Dealers, Antique items goe to Antique Dealers. You will get better prices for your items, and you will feel much better about letting your items go.

9. Get a Floor Plan to pre - arrange your furniture before your move, this is a reality check for your furniture layout.  This will help you decide what furniture has to go.

10. Once you get to the packing , use  a number plan for the rooms on the New Floor plan, and number your boxes accordingly. Keeps the move very organized.

I can help you with getting some floor plans for you, and setting up a  Downsizing Schedule for your next move.  

Your NEXT move is the BEST move you can make

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