MANAGING  STRESS  FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  Prioritize  and  Scheduling your time,  identify  what  is  really  important,  get  -  togethers with the family,  and friends,  focusing your  energies,  and  mindset  on  those  gatherings.  Schedule other  activities  -   PRIORITIZE  other  events,  and  activities  later in the months,  or  even  schedule them in January.  This  will  reduce  stress  of trying to do to much at once.  DELEGATE  -  You  don't  have  to  do it all yourself... Ask  for  help,  and  ask  other family  members,  or  friends  to pitch in.   Assign  tasks  based  on  individual  strengths.  QUIET SPACE  -  remember  to find  somewhere  where you can retreat,  when  things  get hectic,   take time out.. somewhere in your home,  or  a  place  away  from  home.   Go  for  a  walk around the block can bring you  much  needed  respite.  MANAGING  STRESS  FOR THE HOLIDAYS - is  about  reclaiming  joy  and  warmth  for the holiday  season,  follow  these  techinques,  you  will be  sure  to  get  some  much  needed time out. THE  REAL  ESTATE MARKET -  CONFUSING! The  current  market  conditions  can  be  baffling,  to  those  of you  who are not involved in it day to day.  Interest Rates,  Inventory,  Buyers, and Sellers  comparables,  etc.  These  variations,   can be  very perplexing.   The  updates  I  mail you  regularly are on eof the ways, I like to  demystify  the real estate  market,  and  keep  my  clients informed.   Another  way,  I can help  is  to  simply  be  available  to you  ,  anytime you have questions.   If your  curious about what your home would sell for in  todays  market,  please  feel free to  call me.  I can do a  quick  analysis and give you  a  fairly  good  estimate.   I understand the value of having a professional reach out,  whenever  there are  answers to be found.    So  next time you have a questions,  or need  some  real estate advisce ,  don't  hesitate to contact me.  SETTING  GOALS  FOR  2024 You  feel  motivated  and  determined  to  set  ambitious goals  for  2024....  You  realize youve  barely moved  the  needle  toward  achieving your  objectives,  and  reaching  your  goals... Hey,  that  happens  to all of us....  get  into  the  momentum  early,  take  some  small steps  right  away.   If  your  thinking  of  selling,  or  making  a  move  in  2024,  now is the time to make  some initial plans... Find out  what your  home is worth on  todays  market,  and  make  a  plan.  I hope  all your  plans and goals  for 2024  come  to being,  and If  I can  help you  with anything  real estate  related,  please  give  me a  call.   WISHING YOU  A HAPPY ,  HEALTHY,  HOLIDAY  SEASON,   AND ALL THE  BEST  IN  2024. Helena 

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