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Easy Ways to Go "Green"

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These days, most people want to do their bit to help the environment. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing, or able, to install solar panels on their roof or implement an in-ground heat recovery system.

Get a Recycling Bin and learn how to use it. Most jurisdictions have a recycling program. You may be able to get a rebate on your recycling bin or even get it for free. Keep a list of items that can be recycled on your fridge door so that everyone in the family can participate.

Get a Kitchen Compost Bin. Find out if your jurisdiction has a compost pick-up program. If they do, get a kitchen compost bin. Composting can reduce landfill waste by as much as 32%.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs. Low energy light bulbs have come a long way in recent years. Their consistent glow and brightness now rival their incandescent counterparts. By replacing regular 40 watt bulbs with energy-saving 8 watt bulbs, you could save nearly 50% of the electricity you used for lighting. Results may vary by brand.

Shop for Local Produce. Many grocery stores and supermarkets offer produce – fruits and vegetables – that are grown within a 100 mile radius. The short transportation distance means significant savings. Keep in mind some non-local produce, such as apples in the off-season, need to be transported thousands of miles.

As you can see, you don’t have to do much to have a “greener” home. Just a few little changes can make a big difference.