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5 Ways to Make your Next Home more Affordable

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Are  you  thinking about finding your next home? 

1.  Save for a larger down payment.  A larger down payment can lower your monthly mortgage costs and possibily help you get a  better interest rate. 

2. Look at neighbourhoods that are less... "in demand." Some areas have the reputation of being desierable or exclusive and -- as a result--expensive.  But,  there may be neighbourhoods that are not as 

    in  demand and yet ideal ( and more affordable) for you.  Explore that possibility

3. Consider a fixer - upper.  A home that needs some work may be more affordable, and you can save money by doing some of the renovations yourself. 

4. Think of Buying a Smaller Home.  A  smaller property can be more affordable and easier to maintain, especially if your downsizing. 

5. Research Mortgage options.  Shop around for the best mortgage rates and consider different types of mortgages.  A better mortgage rate and terms may make an out of reach home affordable for you. 

Any of these tips will help increase the probability that you will be able to buys your dream home at a price that works for you.