Chemainus "The Little Town that Did"

Chemainus Real Estate remains very popular in this little community, and attracts thousands of tourists yearly to this "mural town": an outdoor art gallery. Chemainus Real Estate is located on Vancouver Island's eastern shore, between Ladysmith and Duncan. This quaint little town known to tourists as "The Little Town that Did", the community failing in industry and labour, a community dying at natural resources. 

First Nations Chemainus Mural

Chemainus showed the world its determination and spirit to revitalize tourism and community spirit, and achieve fame through the hands of many artists by designing and painting many hand painted mural throughout the walls of the community.

Chemainus condensed its path through history with the magic of murals painted by world famous artists on the walls of the charming boutiques and shops throughout the community. Mining, Fishing and Forestry were the original industries that provided work to many Chinese who worked, struggling to move huge lumber planks to the ships in the late 1800's.

The natural resources failed to provide all the necessities of life, therefore a new vision was created throughout the community for the future of the peoples of Chemainus. That vision was the idea of giant outdoor wall murals in a strategy to revitalize the community, and open the doors to tourism. This vision has earned Chemainus worldwide fame as a memorable tourist venue. The magic of this "Little Town that Did" has created an incredible story for all who come to visit this wonderful and magical community.

Chemainus is a 20 minute drive south of Nanaimo and an hour drive to Victoria. Both communities hug the coastline, and contain ocean and mountain views of the BC Mainland. Chemainus is an area full of enjoyment and adventure, vacation properties, and a community strong and vibrant with energy.

Chemainus Real Estate offers oceanfront, ocean view, and mountain view homes , recreational havens, and commercial investments. A perfect place to raise a family, or escape a daily routine and vacation in Chemainus.

A good place to rest your soul, envision your dreams, and make reality come true, with Chemainus Real Estate.

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